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And if those ideas don’t match, neither does the love compatibility in this relationship.The female water bearer is much more social than the male bull, and she may end up making the first move if they come across each other at a social gathering.Compromise on all grounds will be needed in their day-to-day routine as well.

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If the Aquarius and Taurus sun signs can keep an open mind, they can learn a lot from their partner.

In fact, the Aquarius woman and Taurus man may seem as if they come from two different planets.

She’s fine with things being a bit messy, and he can’t stand that much clutter.

And she will see his bullish temper flare up if she pushes him too far.

This may be a turn-off for her at first, but once the Taurus male shows off his dazzling intellect she’s drawn back into his charm.

Aquarius woman and taurus man dating

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