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“I want to be as successful as you are.” What neither character nor creator seem to understand is that success, defined on those terms, is impossible.

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“I say I’m not a political person,” she told a magazine reporter last month, speaking of the abundance of nudity in her work, “but it’s a political statement in a way. There’s people who don’t want to see bodies like mine or bodies like their own bodies.” This a conception of politics I find utterly dispiriting.

To argue that there’s merit in awarding full-bodied as well as waifish women the right to be objectified and abused on camera is akin to Anatole France’s famous quip about the law, in its majesty, having forbidden both rich and poor from sleeping under bridges, begging in the streets, and stealing bread.

Isn’t freedom about having the right to choose one’s own path, even if that path is self-indulgent and insipid?

Why can’t Dunham tool about like her male counterparts who celebrate their own aimlessness in a seemingly endless stream of television shows and movies?

How you answer this question depends on how you understand the world and your role in it.

Assumes foking

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