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I'm trying to invite non-Calvinists to see that being "Reformed" is bigger and more generous than they might have thought.Well, I think one of the weaknesses is the tendency toward religious pride.He wasn’t familiar with the term “contextualization,” and he asked me to explain it.

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I also think a lot of evangelicals who discover Reformed theology appreciate the way it emphasizes history.

By constantly looking back to figures like Jonathan Edwards or John Calvin, Reformed theology counters the chronological snobbery of our culture which assumes that new is always better. I wasn't raised in the church and came to Christ through the influence of my then-girlfriend (now wife) who was doing a little "missionary dating," as we like to say.

I had read and re-read at least five of his books, and his discussion of themes in Reformed theology had (and has) significantly influenced my thinking.

My first question upon meeting him was about what brought him to the West Coast.

It tends to focus on issues of election and predestination and doesn't appreciate some of the wider aspects of Reformed theology and what Abraham Kuyper meant by "Calvinism." But because the new Calvinism has been so influential, when a lot of people hear about a school being "Reformed," they identify it with that particular (narrow) brand.

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