Dating a libertarian

by  |  04-Apr-2015 11:07

To be honest, I had never heard of “Anarcho” and I had to Google it.

dating a libertarian-23

But I am currently a member of a hiking Meetup – I wondered if perhaps he had a similar hobby…so I asked him.

He provided the link (he really liked links) and I clicked on it and found…The Libertarian/Anarcho group.

Of course I didn’t phrase it like that – I was all polite and shit – because I’m a lady of refinement. But I’ve watched “So You Think You Can Dance” a time or two – so I’m sure I’ll be an expert in no time.” Then I started to panic a little. I tend to weave and stumble like a sloppy drunk after he has spent his last $50 in a seedy bar.

The Libertarian asked me to choose a date and time and I let him know I was free that weekend. I’m sure the lucky guy I wear those shoes for will find me very, very sexy – especially if I manage not to break my ankle when I take the unavoidable fall.

He let me know that he actually lived in a town about an hour north of me and came down to the big metropolis about once a week – currently he had a class on Saturdays and he also had a Meetup on Wednesday nights.

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