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You can feel the strong feelings, and the resistance to change from the main character.

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couldnt even go forward without commenting on this, whos with me.. though the first half of the drama made me cry a lot. However, as the story progressed, I realized that the story was indeed deep.

LOVE YOU GUYS Into episode 6 and i hate hate hate ahn doon character urgggghh how could such a person exist, he really is a worm, even min heok is better than him.. one of the best k drama i've ever watched xoxo The drama began like any other drama, it was cold at the beginning and it made me wonder what was so special about the story that made many people form positive reviews.

bo_table=star0101,,, net/nate? thr=sbma&w=tot&q=공유,공유_(배우) Güney Kore Sineması hakkında her şey..

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