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Council is here to: Represent you, your v..more Q-Con is a three-day anime and gaming convention taking place 16-18 June.It will be host to a weekend full of anime and gaming activities, including a trade hall, anime screenings, panels, workshops ..more Q-Con is a three-day anime and gaming convention taking place 16-18 June.

Everyone was so surprised at what he was doing on that album. His best friend is Barney.(He works for Mister Slate, pushing rocks, Spends his day on the clock.)When the whistle-bird blows, Yabba Dabba Doo time! In this case, he's saying if he doesn't come back- for her to go on and date new people and just forget about him like it doesn't even matter.

Because he chose a cover version, 'I Shot The Sheriff', by introducing reggae music to the world and released as a single and became a big hit at that time. What he followed was that he paid attention to the song itself 'I Shot the Sheriff', especially the lyrics of the song, I think. Because the lyrics was very impressive and he wanted to write a song like this. This theme of no one caring about him, is not only a huge theme in the song- but also in Freddie''s real life.

Promos kick in at 4pm, and our resident DJ’s bring on the music at 9pm with a mix of cheesy classics and..more Meltdown is back in Bar Sub, underground at QUBSU on Saturday 8 April for a night of Rock & Metal riffs and cheap drinks!

We'll also have our usual great drinks promos running ALL NIGHT to share wi..more Over The Top Wrestling Returns to Belfast, Featuring Drew Galloway, Grado, Session Moth Martina, The Gymnasties, The Kings Of The North, Polo Promotions, Joe Coffey and more to be announced.

Having celebrated their 40th Anniversary earlier this year, they are back to mark their ..more Friday nights at the Union have been kicking off weekends for as long as we can remember!

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