Dating the greek gods

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As if you needed another reason to look forward to summer, right?

Greek Gods of love and desire play a very important role in Greek mythology.

In later times, Eros was depicted as an overweight winged baby, carrying a bow which he would use to shoot off arrows randomly, causing people and gods to fall in love.

Dating the greek gods

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Erotes were the two attendant love deities of Aphrodite, and they were usually depicted as winged babies following Aphrodite, their mother. Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty and illicit sex and, less frequently, she protected the marital life.

Hymenaios was the deity of marriage and matrimonial life. Her sacred symbols were the white doves, a pair of pigeons dragging the chariot and also the poppy, the pomegranate blossom, the rose, the myrtle and the anemone. Weapons of the Goddess were her captivating beauty and the irresistible erotic desire.

Eros did not give birth to other gods, but encouraged and facilitated the birth and creation.

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