Definition polyamorous dating studies about women and dating preferences

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Polyamory is from the root words Poly meaning or Polyamory.Of course, love itself is a rather ambiguous term, but most polys seem to define it as a serious, intimate, romantic, or less stable, affectionate bond which a person has with another person or group of persons.To be polyamorous means to have open sexual or romantic relationships with more than one person at a time.

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However, people with sex addictions based on the desire for multiple partners may be particularly drawn to the polyamorous community.

While some polyamorous individuals emphasize the need for clear communication and boundaries among all concerned, clearly the complexity of interrelationships between polyamorous partnerships leave some individuals vulnerable to exploitation.

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Polyamory is not the same as an "open" relationship, which involves a committed couple agreeing that one or both partners are permitted to have sex with other people, without necessarily sharing information on the other partners, although polyamorous couples may also have open relationships.

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