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In retrospect, Charli was like a young, still-forming version of what Wayne Koestenbaum described in his legendary essay, “Debbie Harry at the Supermarket”: “By singing the words ‘I’m not the kind of girl,’ Harry — or her persona — admits that there exist many varieties of girl, as many as there are shades of lipstick, or verses in the Bible, or varieties of rock on the path to Lourdes.There are many kinds of girl, and Debbie has the right to pick exactly which kind she is.“London Queen” (written with Sky Ferreira collaborator Justin Raisen), wiggles its nose like Josie and the Pussycats clowning the Sex Pistols in a Topshop dressing room; Charli tells her mum she won’t be back until she “can fill this shack up with all gold plaques” and then poses “like JFK, ya know,” living the American dream, hooting “oi oi oi” (, conspicuously consuming the spoils of success with no regrets, building “a pretty green castle” where she smokes in bed, drowning her “platinum troubles” in pink champagne.

There’s always glitter in the darkness, whenever you’re ready to look for it.

Though “Boom Clap” is the album’s standout, it’s also an outlier, one of the few times on where Charli asks a lover (or anyone else) to “tell me what to do.” What’s remarkable about the album is how it deploys “Boom Clap” to draw you in and then boldly unleashes its real statement — a we-got-the-beat feminist party-plan with a conspiratorial wink and no-jerks-allowed hauteur. / Wow, you’re awesome.” The Luke in question is pop arbiter Lukasz “Dr.

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