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If he was rude or obnoxious to his mother, then he would probably act that way with a girl. It was a Southern custom that guys always opened doors for girls and I taught that courtesy to my son, but I’m not sure all of Kerri’s boyfriends thought it was a necessary part of good manners.

I told her just to stand next to the door of the car or restaurant or where ever they were going and just wait until he got the message. Another custom in my day thing was that the guys paid for dates, but somewhere along the way, that custom went by the wayside.

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In my opinion that was a bad move for females altogether but that’s just my opinion.9.

You may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

I just plainly walked into my living room and asked my father, ”Dad, can I go hot tubbing with my date tonight at pm at his uncle’s house?

” My dad slowly walked over to me and my date who was all of about 5 foot 4 and said, ”Thank you for returning my daughter and here is the door.” I knew I could always count on Dad.

It’s funny how we look at parenting from such a different perspective once we become parents.

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