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Being Armenian has nothing to do with survivorship, f**k that.

Being Armenian is sexy, being Armenian is beautiful, being Armenian is fun, being Armenian is hip, being Armenian is funny,” he insists.

He unflinchingly embraces the role his culture has played in his work, saying it adds a whole new dimension to who he is: “My being Armenian has always been an asset, has always worked in my favor, without exception.” His culture is so much a part of him its role in his work seems a natural consequence of who he is, rather than a way for him to satisfy his audience or erase any residual guilt.

Art became a respite from the outsized historical and emotional burden shared with his compatriots. “When I was growing up, I used to draw and I remember painting and drawing skulls - Deir ez-Zor skulls,” he recalls.

It wasn’t until later, in the late 1980s, that he realized that “everything we were doing was macabre, almost [like a] necrophiliac.” It was a revelation.

If something does happen, grandma will put toothpaste on it or grandpa will massage it with rubbing alcohol.

Mom and dad may give you the talk about being safe, but grandparents will always step in and tell them to let you be.

The future of the Armenian nation looks bright to Berberian: “Our music has become more upbeat, we have been experimenting.

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