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Ramah is home to more than 10,000 children, teens and young adults at eight residential camps every year.

Over 3,000 couples have their plaques featured on “shidduch walls” at Ramah camps around the country (Wisconsin, the Berkshires, California).

Though she said “different denominations deal with the challenges of Jewish dating differently,” a web forum for meeting might be a future possibility.

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At the Camp Ramah in the Poconos, a gazebo called Gazebo Zugot (Hebrew for “matches”) celebrates couples that met at camp., a page on the Reshet Ramah website, is dedicated to camp couples.

’” The networking possibilities presented by Jewish camps is a point of interest in the Reform Judaism movement as well.

Goals related to camps were a prominent part of the “Campaign for Youth Engagement” announced by the Union for Reform Judaism at its most recent biennial.

“This could be a revolution-starter,” said Lisa Colton, founder of Darim Online, a nonprofit that helps Jewish organization develop digital strategies.

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