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Most children diagnosed with ADHD in the UK find it hard to concentrate, are over-active and impulsive.

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The dose will usually be more than that prescribed for children. Find out how they see your problems and if they have noticed things which make things better or worse for you. The College does not allow reposting of its leaflets on other sites, but allows them to be linked directly.

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It sounds strange that they should be useful in people with ADHD, but there is good evidence that they are.

Slow-release preparations usually mean you can take tablets just once a day.

There has been little research done into the drug treatments for adults with ADHD, so there are very few medications licensed for this. (2007) Evidence-based guidelines for management of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in adolescents in transition to adult services and in adults: recommendation from the British Association for Psychopharmacology. This leaflet was originally produced by Dr Helen Crimlisk for the Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust and edited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Public Education Editorial Board. This leaflet may be downloaded, printed out, photocopied and distributed free of charge as long as the Royal College of Psychiatrists is properly credited and no profit gained from its use.

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