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After India's independence in 1947, Hindi began to be taught in the college from June 1949 and several new departments were instituted, such as the Department of Sociology and Anthropology (1951) and the Department of Psychology (1957). Xavier's has continued to expand in student body and faculty size, and has seen the establishment of several research centers and programs.

Indian Jesuits of the Bombay Province have run the college in close collaboration with the Society of Jesus in Germany and Spain.

The prospective plan for institutional development is done after consecutive meetings with the Academic Council, IQAC, and the heads of the departments.

The college takes measures to upgrade the skills of non-teaching staff by conducting workshops and training programmes during vacations, and by conducting sessions on personality enhancement and financial management.

It gives special consideration to Roman Catholics (under the minority rights enshrined in the Constitution of India) for whose education the college was founded.

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