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Enjoys long walks along the beach and camping in the country...

I'm an easy going, fun loving person most of the time but can also have a serious too, when it's needed.

I live in a small town in Wales at the moment but thinking about leaving.

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North wales dating website

I smile too much I'm going to give myself wrinkles!

I work hard and love my job, I showjump competitively, I snowboard, gym and enjoy going for coffee with friends etc "Darling, if you want to talk bollocks & discover the meaning of life, you´re better off downing a bottle of whiskey.

I´m femme,well more tomboy than femme, don´t think my face has ever seen makeup, sane, emotional baggage free.

Addicted to tea and trying to tame my sarcasm down to a manageable level.

I´m interested in all sorts of things, politics, food, pets, books, films, Outgoing, friendly & funny to be around according to my friends.

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