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Full colour reproductions of Colville's paintings and works on paper which relate to Mount Allison, Sackville and to the house itself are on display. Visitors to the Colville House are guided onto the campus and out into the community to the sites of Colville's works in Sackville and environs.Information brochures on the artist's art and life are also available.And his love for Rhoda was so much a part of his identity that he used his painting to try and grasp what she had gone through, when she was a child, when her life was forever changed by unimaginable tragedy. Her father, her grandfather, her sister, her aunt and her uncle were all waiting for her in the car, impatient to head out for a Sunday drive.

He had just completed “Studio,” a nude self-portrait that showed the ravages of age.

While making this film my father died and the whole thing ended up being about death. I just found out that Alex’s wife Rhoda died in late December.

Much of Colville’s work suggests darkness–like something nasty is about to happen.

It’s been the underlying constant in his work, like the masked man in In the Woods, like the horse running down the railway track in Horse and Train.

It was an incredible experience, getting to know the Colvilles.

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