Peter berg dating

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“Look, I used to go to Vegas and party a lot,” he says.

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He gets this weird Cheshire cat smile if he draws blood from you.” Just a few years ago, such behavior might have gotten Berg mistaken for just another brash Hollywood ego run amok.

After all, this was the guy who followed up a tepidly received Will Smith superhero movie, , Berg has shunned comic book and Hasbro projects and pursued what he’s described as a personal mission: making films and TV shows that depict the struggles of extremely capable, very physical, (usually) real-life men.

But he also found himself slipping into what he called the “anti-working-man code.” He and his actor buddies would take pride in sleeping late, going to movies in the middle of the day, and tearing up the L. He was succeeding in his career, but he was restless.

He was spending too many hours “just fucking sitting around being bored out of my mind.” On the set of —a New York–area crime drama starring Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, and Harvey Keitel—Berg, then 32, decided he needed to make a change.

’” Taylor Kitsch, a frequent star in Berg’s films and a sometime sparring partner, says boxing with the director often means finding yourself in “a street fight..can get very offensive—put it that way.” Or, in the words of Dwayne Johnson, another inveterate Berg collaborator: “In the ring and in training, Pete’s an absolute fucking animal.”, Berg playfully socked his leading lady, Jennifer Garner, in the stomach, mistakenly believing she was wearing a protective flak jacket.

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