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Philippines has one of the lowest incidences of STDs in the world.The HIV/AIDS rate here is 1/6th that of the States.I'm an Australian planning to head over to Manila in December for 10 days, after I graduate. Actually the Philippine Goverment should advertise their own country better, its pretty much one of the best fashion shopping venues in the world. (was 1st white person to eat at 24hr soup kitchen in Comembo) actually, just leave makati and go straight to a province... they just have no idea of tourism unless your German. You're also going to be a big target for criminals, especially pickpockets. -only the capital (and maybe the southern islands) is a dump.

I'm not going to send her money and stuff, I'll play it safe.

Best case scenario, I get a lasting relationship out of it. genuine women dont meet foreign men over the internet. dont do your nut, the country is full of millions of women that will all bang you no matter if youre fat, retarded, whatever. make sure a taxi driver will use the meter as soon as you get in, if he says it doesnt work or makes up some nonsense, just get out ASAP. if anyone tries to rob you there, snatch, pick pocket, whatever... just hand them your wallet if they pull a knife/gun, read up on the news about anyone that ever fights back. go to Wendy's and get a baconator (im from aus too, so no wendys here)Lel.

remember that every Philippino is only after one thing, a visa out of their country and money.

That said, spend the week her as much as you can, WEAR a condom! ) if she's crap when you arrive take off and stay around Makati and go to the bars on P Burgos Street.

Double breasted safari shirts for extra pockety goodness, if you can pull it off. Rampant poverty, corruption, and in-your-face consumer culture; you can really feel the great divide between the rich and the poor. When you order San Mig's make sure you say Pilsen, other wise they might give you a 'light' (dunno why this is). When you visit people they might want you to try Tuba (palm wine). Its kind of a taboo in some families / circles (also because of religion), but at the same time most men drink and there are a lot of alcoholics. Also, and i cant believe nobody mentioned this so far: Pasalubong = homecoming gifts If you want to be accepted in Filipino, look into this.

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