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The 1950 Census, which for the first time included Albuquerque in the category of metropolitan areas exceeding 100,000 in population, also attested to this rapid growth.

It indicated that almost 12,000 houses had been constructed during the 1940s with the vast majority of the new construction devoted to houses ranging in value from ,500 to ,999.

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From 1954 through 1958, these costs were substantial as the city dug 190 miles of water lines and paved 157 miles of new roads (Wood 191).

In the longer run, however, many of these costs were mitigated.

Unlike many cities already hemmed in by other municipalities and therefore unable to grow and expand their tax bases, through this dynamic process of annexation and suburb creation, Albuquerque continued to expand its tax base.

It doing so it managed to increase its revenues, which paid for at least a portion of these extended city services.

Indicative of the long-term success of FHA financing as a means for encouraging home ownership as well as home financing available to former G.

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