Scared him away dating

by  |  24-Jan-2016 07:21

During one conversation he even said that if he commits to me he has to be sure I am family oriented and family will be always number 1 priority to me.After 1 month of being closer he started again to be colder and distant.

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If he doesn't answer (and it's very likely he won't) leave a short message just saying that you wanted to see how he was, that you've been very busy and it would be great to catch up over a coffee at some point.

The "at some point" part of this is crucial as it gives the impression that you're not clambering to see him and that you're not desperately trying to repair the already crumbling relationship.

He was still texting but it was colder than before.

When I started talking more emotionally he changed the subject and similar.

In my response, I provide guidance on how to approach telling him how you really feel when you’re scared he might pull away: When we started our “relationship” he was not thinking to get divorced because he felt big commitment and responsibility for his wife (she has some psychiatric problems and she is very sensitive).

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