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Note: The curly brackets that appear in the Formula Bar should not be typed.... vba,outlook-2007 You have to use the Remove method of the Navigation Folders collection. vba,excel-vba,powerpoint-vba There appears to be no corresponding method in the Power Point object model. python,excel,openpyxl and cell.column should give you the addresses you need. It doesn't do conditional 'compilation' since it isn't a compiled language.vba,excel-vba,range Sure you can use this snippet to find the last filled cell in a column and use that row number to set your - just replace the "A" with whatever column you'd like. The only way to do this is to call the ribbon button itself: Active Sheet. Here is what I got from the documentation: When VBA runs your code, all your variables are declared (no...

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I am writing a script that loops through a folder and creates graphs from some criteria, and then exports these to powerpoint.

At the moment, creating 130 graphs takes 290 seconds, of which 286 are used by powerpoint. While I can alt-tab and keep powerpoint in the background, when switching to Powerpoint all the changes are being shown and you can basically see how it slows down the program. Should it be in a class module, should I do anything else or what am I doing wrong?

vba,excel-vba There are a couple problems with the code you posted. Else block of code you've got an End Sub but no End If.

You definitely need to add the End If and I suspect you should remove the End Sub.

excel,vba In order to filter for "any" column, you could combine a Find result and Filter like this: Sub Date Filter() Dim n Row As Range Dim to Search As Range 'hide dialogs Application.

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