Sex chat with emma

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She slumped further on the lid as Emma’s nose and mouth rubbed against her; sending jolts of pleasure through her pussy.Humping Emma’s face was proving almost as pleasurable as Emily’s experienced tongue, and soon she was moaning sharply as she used the Harry Potter star as a toy.

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She walked up to Emma and gave her a long kiss on the lips, prising open Emma’s mouth and sticking her tongue in. “You two are repugnant”, she said, obviously repulsed by Miley’s kiss.

“Maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll give you that fucking you’re too stuck up to admit you want.” Miley replied with a smile.

She pulled out a compact mirror from the bag and popped it open.

She slowly reached her hand up and angled the mirror so that she could see the wall of the other stall.

Emily pushed her forward until her nose was resting against Miley’s clit.

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