Sex utub karache

by  |  14-Dec-2016 15:52

In June, the two sisters and their mother were brutally gunned down by their step-brother, an apparent “honor“ killing over the mobile video.

The video clip circulated from phone to phone among their conservative community. By ending their lives with his gun, the step-brother was trying to wash away the supposed shame his sisters had brought upon the family, thus reclaiming their honor or , as it is called in Urdu.

All of this and much more, being routine and interminable we shall have time to write about.

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Some say the video and honor killing were part of a plot to maneuver his stepmother out of the family property.

To many, the Chilas sisters’ video seems completely ordinary, but in their hometown, girls dancing in the rain, even fully clothed, is seen as erotic.

We now have, Allah be praised, one Maya Khan, whose secret desire in life is to take the camera to the parks in Karachi and catch dating “couples”.

She has taken it upon herself to rid the society of this menace, boys and girls responding to their hormones in this repressed society being the number one problem of this country.

A search for “Pakistani Dancing” on You Tube, a site that is banned in Pakistan, yields hundreds of thousands of results.

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