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, she’s now getting serious with sexy rapper Lady Luck (aka Shanell Jones) and may be off the market sooner than you think.After Ellen sat down with Somaya in West Hollywood to get real about being a part of Famously Single and what she learned from the experience, how she’s dealt with her Mom finding out about her sexuality via Google and who was more of the aggressor when she and Lady Luck finally got together.

’s Famously Single, which puts eight celebrities to live together in a house and figure out why they may be very good at dating (and hooking up) but not so good at relationships.

Besides high-profile cast members like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Granville and Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, we’re, of course, drawn to Los Angeles native Somaya Reece (Love and Hip Hop: New York) a woman who had dated men and women in the past but clearly has a preference since, in her words, “I have always been attracted to women.

Because of her passion to partake in new experiences and push herself outside of her comfort zone, Lady Luck has dipped into every part of the creative process in music from performer to writer to producer.

Most recently, Luck has partnered with her girlfriend Somaya Reece to launch a joint record label and television/film production venture, "La Rosa Ent" and "The Greatest Entertainment," which will house independent artists all while releasing her own album "She God" under the label side.

This is my truth and this is what I live and I’m not going to be a spectacle. SR: Actually, I have always been attracted to tomboy femmes.

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