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Chuck (played by Dossett March) – The waiter whom Maddie had a crush on in Season one. It is revealed during the series that his full name is "Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez".

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In the end of the episode, Arwin attempts to get off the ship by using a giant magnet but it fails and he falls into the ocean, again. Chef Paolo (played by Jerry Kernion) – An Italian-American chef of the Tipton, seen in three episodes: "Heck's Kitchen", "Health and Fitness", and "Foiled Again".

He is easily very insulted when people dislike his cooking. Paolo enjoys eating, and bacon bits were found in his blood during a cholesterol test.

It is also revealed in that episode that he has been promoted from bellhop to assistant night manager of the hotel.

Despite being a recurring character, Esteban has appeared very often throughout the show, only being absent in a handful of episodes.

He has a massive crush on Carey, as shown in many episodes but is too afraid to act upon it.

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