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Not much is known about Travis's early life except for the fact that he is of Māori descent, suggesting he could originally be from New Zealand, or descended from Māori parents that moved to the United States.

As a child, Travis traveled with his family to New Zealand due to his grandmother's declining health where she then died.

Some time later, Travis became an English teacher at Paul R.

Williams High School where he proved to be talented and passionate in his work and got along with his students fairly well.

man in his early 40s and an English teacher at Paul R. He is described as "a good man trying to do right by everyone in his life".

He is in a relationship with fellow faculty member Madison Clark, having recently divorced his wife of 13 years Elizabeth Ortiz, with whom he has one son, Chris Manawa , who harbors resentment towards him for the split-up.

After he recovers from the shock, Travis reveals to Madison that he does not regret when he did, indicating a significant shift in character for Travis, who had previously been clinging to pacifist ideals.

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