Ubuntu updating nvidia

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ubuntu updating nvidia-21

Run the following commands to get access to some package repositories: . Now that you're up and running, check out the Getting Started Guide.

If you have another server running on port 80 already, you may need to reconfigure DIGITS to use a different port.

However, if you apply this how-to exactly and fully, you can reduce those risks greatly. First visit the homepage of the graphics-drivers PPA, in order to see which versions of the Nvidia driver it contains.

At the moment of writing my how-to (June, 2016), the latest is the nvidia-367. Then you have to find out what's the right version of the Nvidia driver for your graphics card. on driver version (up to date, but always check whether your particular card type is supported by a driver version, by looking on the tab ! Because later on in this how-to, you're going to use the PPA for that.

That's usually to be found by: menu button - Administration (or System) - Software Sources. Don't worry about not getting updates for your new Nvidia driver: for normal desktop users, even security updates for drivers are usually never relevant. (You can launch a terminal window like this: *Click*) Then in the terminal (use copy/paste to avoid typing errors): Press Enter. - Your video card should now run again on the open-source driver Nouveau, which you can check with the following terminal command (use copy/paste to transfer it to your terminal): This website is being sponsored by Google Ads. Then you're also blocking my earnings from advertisements.... The reason for the frequent failure of this manual method is, that the driver is generic and hasn't been adapted at all to Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

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