Unit dating controversy dating a fireman and what to expect

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Early 1970s supporters explain away the advanced technology as a result of all that alien intervention that occurred on Who-Earth but not on ours.The politics are similarly explained by appealing to the idea that UNIT-era Earth bears little resemblance to the real world in matters of politics, after all there has never really been a Prime Minister called Jeremy.

The background details are often ignored on the grounds that they are just background details, their value as evidence is considered by some to be as much part of continuity as a really bad special effect.

There are a number of approaches to getting around the published within the Whoniverse had had its dates altered by the government, but most of the objections to the novels' version of UNIT dating come from those who consider them to be "non-canonical".

The clothes, haircuts, and cars all fit the year each story was made, except for .

Most objections to this theory are founded on the evidence used for a late 1970s dating or a 1980s dating.

The major piece of evidence for this theory comes from episode one of (which is in the middle of the UNIT era), where Jo Grant claims that the year 1926 was 40 years ago.

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