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If you need a replacement battery, they seem to be in the US price (list) and unlike an i POD, you can easily change it like on a regular mobile phone.

The first thing you need to do is download and save the bz2 image file on the N810 (internal memory or mini SD card; 110MB free space required).

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A friend recommended to install the claws email client which is Microsoft Outlook like (which does support multiple accounts at the same time), but I've not yet tried it.

For a list of applications for the device, look for "Maebo" (old name for OS2008, the Linux-based OS that runs on the device) applications.

Kudos: Small form factor (Why I bought this over the Asus EEE-Pc.)Great battery life (4-6 hours use, 6 days standby with minor tweaking.)Good keyboard; in the open mode, full screen and half screen.

Handwriting recognition takes practice but works well.

While I do have trouble listening to with it (Bandwidth issues at home,) I do use it to listen to my Ampache server flawlessly over wifi at my home.-------------Update: a few years later... The IM capabilities is not what I had hoped for as it didn't include MSN Messenger, Yahoo! It included Nokia's, Google's and another vendor's IM which I don't use.

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