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In complete contrast however, “Waitress” explores the melancholy story of a barmaid stuck in time and wondering when her life is going to start: “While daylight is fading, while traders are trading, while the jukebox is playing, while lovers are dating, the waitress is waiting.” You can hear the empathy in Valeska’s voice on the album’s last track, “July”, a fitting end to the album, it closes the circle of venturing out into the world by bringing you, at last, back home.

The dozen songs on “Mutual Friends”, painstakingly recorded over a two-and-a-half year period at the 12 square meter home studio of producer and multi-instrumentalist Philipp Steinke in Berlin, have gone through many transformations since they were written.

The BOY phenomenon began this summer with their first single ‘Little Numbers’.

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“There is more to music than heartbreak and loss,” agrees Sonja.“This is the Beginning” provides the springboard into the album.

“Drive Darling” is inspired by Valeska leaving behind friends and family in Zurich.

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“We made about 10 versions of most of the songs,” says Sonja. And some of them have ended up sounding completely different from the way they began.”BOY played most instruments on the record themselves.

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