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According to India’s National Skill Development Corporation, by 2018 the healthcare technician demand-supply gap in India will be 445,000, an 84% shortfall.

It’s why Tata Trusts and GE Healthcare, two leading companies in India and the world, this week announced a partnership to train 10,000 youth in various technical areas of healthcare over a three-year period .

The parents tell no one whether X is a boy or a girl, and many adventures ensue. We probably all know on some level that boy babies and girl babies elicit different responses.

I highly recommend you read the story, it's a fascinating reflection on what shapes us and forms us as boys and girls, beginning right at birth (and there is evidence of before birth shaping, too, but that's not what we're working on today). Of course we all see the relatively overt ones, that boys are more often given trucks, and girls are more often given dolls, but the differences in how we treat girls and boys begin far before the first toy.

Perhaps some of you have heard of the fictional baby X (that's a PDF), a children's story piece which appeared in Ms. I know that when I read it, I was amused, fascinated, and intrigued.

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