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It also provides an asynchronous notification mechanism for delivery status.

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This parameter informs the network node if the client wants to receive progress notes. Progress notes are delivered via the Push Message Notification interface. Additional properties, defined as name/value pairs, can be sent using this parameter.

The supported properties are: pap.priority, pap.delivery-method, pap.network, pap.network-required, pap.bearer, pap.bearer-required.

In this message sequence the application also receives a notification from the network indicating the delivery status of the WAP Push message, that is that the message has been read The interaction between the network and Services Gatekeeper is illustrated in a protocol-agnostic manner.

The exact operations and sequences depend on which network protocol is being used.

The following rules apply: Defines the date and time by which the content must be delivered to the end-user terminal.

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