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While there’s no shame in a Millennial trying to make a career out of the table scraps that are thrown to the unfortunate j-school graduates of this day and age, there is something sort of embarrassing about established adults trafficking in this type of trash; grown-ups should try to think on a level above that of the average 20-year-old blogger.

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Maybe by now you’ve seen the following video (or at least the headline that goes with it): The minute I saw that headline, I thought of this: Every few months or so, my Facebook newsfeed is electrified by people who are just discovering the treasure trove of blog posts insisting that the minister in Disney’s bored to find amusement in that, let alone believe it, but it’s the people writing it who catch my attention the most. ) Of they’re going to latch onto salacious stuff that capitalizes on the Millennial obsession with premature nostalgia.

They’re usually college kids who are trying to rack up bylines by writing for the “community” section of big-name blogs. It gets shares and clicks and could result in their piece getting moved onto the homepage of the real site.

Ipak, Pula je grad koji se ističe po mnogočemu, posebno po povijesnoj i kulturnoj baštini.

Potrudili smo se našu Web kameru postaviti na mjesto koje dočarava povijesnu važnost grada.

Horny men in solo scenes, caught on video when enjoying really strong moments of solo stimulation to grant them huge showers of sperm.

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