Who is mia swier dating

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Let's see how those turmoils came and how they affected both individually. Both are equally talented and gorgeous and there is no doubt that they are one of the cutest couples in town.

Darren Criss was always private about his personal life in the media for many years.

#Ariel Von Glitz aka (Let’s see how long this one lasts…) ;)” Mia wrote on Twitter with her new red hair color.

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Darren and Mia are together, and they don’t seem to care who knows it!

Darren, who's also known for his theatrical skills from starring as J.

kster took a break from his sultry tour to show off his beautiful producer GF Mia Swier late into the night at the Tony Awards Gala on Sunday after the awards show.

As tears stream down our faces, we'll have to politely congratulate Mia once again on her ability to snag a man like Darren, because she is one lucky, lucky lady!

He has been in the relationship with Mia Swier for years now.

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