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I cook my oatmeal in water or almond milk , add some cinnamon,a little honey, and strawberries 😁❀️ --------------------------------------------------- Porque es importante comer avena? La avena contiene un químico llamado lignanos que es valioso para prevenir enfermedades del corazón.

Ayuda a bajar el colesterol especialmente colesterol malo.

It's the ultimate multitasking tool, allowing for hydration and foam rolling -- not to mention a huge space saver, if you're traveling to get your sweat.

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Then I'll scramble up some organic eggs for an omelet I eat with Sriracha sauce, and wash it down with a coffee β€” just two shots of espresso." The weekend is just around the corner! Perfect Fit A post shared by Tone It Up with Perfect Fit!

πŸ‘― Start your morning with your favorite #Perfect Fit Protein Pancake & fresh berries. πŸ’• 1/2 tbsp unsweetened almond milk 1/2 banana, mashed 1/4 cup egg white 1 scoop #Perfect Fit Protein 1 tsp cinnamon Mash the banana, then stir in the remaining ingredients until fully incorporated. Cook on medium-low heat until you see bubbles rising. (@perfectfit) on Tone It Up Girl Katrina Scott: Katrina uses protein powder to whip up a hearty pancake.

So instead of stressing on what to get your foxy lady, take a deep breath and remember that this, like your relationship, should be fun! That's awesome for you, and because you picked a girl who takes care of her health, the gift giving should be easy! The old velcro style is outdated and annoying when you're trying to be quiet in yoga because people are deep in meditation.

Mobot Foam Roller & Water Bottle Crossfitters are constantly building and straining muscles and so their recovery is very important.

Oats are also jam-packed with essential vitamins and minerals, such as: Calcium – essential for the immune system Magnesium – needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body!

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