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by  |  24-Oct-2015 05:17

That way women really know what they're getting when they contact me, and I they're likely to be women who self-select to be relatively compatible with me by the time they reach out -- though there's always the chance that we just won't have much chemistry when we meet in person, and that tends to happen more often than not (though not as often as when I meet random women at bars, clubs, work, or wherever).

I've also never posted pictures of myself (though I have sent them upon request).

Not to get too philosophical, but I think it's important to somehow signal to others that you are like them.

That's why dress codes for subcultures are still so important.

That very moment online dating lost all its splendor for me and I was instantly part of the "older set". Sure, there are probably still old-school platforms out there, and with plenty of the "as much as a decade older than you", vegan women, but that's uh for another day (or decade)This probably works if you're an average guy looking for an average woman.

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